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Oh my gosh, where do I even start with my life right now? 2015 is practically a vanishing whisper, a memory, a thought we once had, but it’s all hazy now. The rush between Thanksgiving and Christmas always feels like that moment you’re riding a bicycle downhill and your pedals stop propelling you forward. They […]

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1000 the 4th: All-Night Rain

147. Waking up to cold air and warm coffee 148. New Gilmore Girls episodes promised 149. Adele’s new Hello – on repeat 150. Talking Bible studies with Housemate Heather 151. The way God calls to mind the things that stir your passions 152. Eggo waffles with chocolate chips 153. Five little red mugs 154. Finding […]

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1000 the 4th: Prayer Partners

102. Four new books for cheap thanks to Chatt trips & getting lost in McKay’s 103. Cricket, my sweet baby, who loves me even after weeks and weeks because pups are so great 104. Walking city streets to dinner 105. Waiting in rocking chairs on screened-in porches 106. Dog-friendly restaurants & porch dinners 107. Lit […]

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