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1000 Take Two: 10 Months In

968. Ninja Turtle faces & headbands, even with the wrong colors 969. When God multiplies in the midst of a need. 970. Worshiping with the dancing & shouting, full-hearted, and the fullness afterward 971. When a ‘gathering” turns into a family 972. Extra quilts on the cold nights 973. Caring hearts, not wanting anyone to […]

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1000 Take Two: Light of Day

933. Braves banter over a french press 934. The friends that really feel like family so deep down. 935. Watching God bring people together to change a city 936. Being part of something bigger; having something to offer 937. Sprouts of aloe & strawberry bursting forth in slow motion – breathing 938. When God shows […]

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1000 Take Two: Muddy Boots

882. Knowing all the songs & the look on all our faces at saying them in unison 883. One whispered word that reminds us we’re friends, the good kind 884. Harry Potter church references 885. First Sunday lunch gatherings with plates full & hearts fuller 886. Seeing the last six years through grace eyes 887. […]

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