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Gratitude: The End of a Grand Era

981. Appalachian Trail maps and making the real plans. 982. Scavenger hunt plans for a six year old on a 46 day, 14 state adventure. (If you have any ideas of fun things Malachi can look for while traveling the Appalachian Trail OR if you have a Polaroid camera you wouldn’t mind lending out for […]

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Gratitude: Lent

Most people give things up for Lent…like Facebook or Fried Chicken. I’ve never really known what to do with the Lent. I know it starts with an ashy forehead and ends in a bloody resurrection, but the 40-day give-it-up in between is shrouded in mystery for me. I was told once that “it’s only a […]

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Gratitude: The Feb part 2 & March

954. Toilet paper, in all its glory, because when you *don’t* have it, you realize how important it is. 955. Encouraging words on a Wednesday reminding me that my creativity is a good thing. 956. Nescafe instant coffee in the workplace – just like Africa all over again. 957. Morning law school conversations with Ceena. […]

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