Third 1000 Category

Third 1000: Final Countdown

933. Sunset adventures on that holy ground with Sar on a whim and coffee way too late 934. Deep breaths of air full of God’s presence that washes through every fiber like real peace 935. Yellowy lights shimmering against deep navy skies 936. Quick tweets with Jennie Kerns & reminders that it’s okay to not […]

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Third 1000: Cliff Diving

873. Friday night at the Ted with Sarah, celebrating Smoltzy 874. Running into Britt & Caitlin like old times 875. First fireworks & the same awe 876. Parking on 411 & dozing into the wee hours waiting on a wreck 877. Waking up with the sun 878. Elephant pants like wearing pajamas 879. Four hours […]

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Third 1000: Dog Days of Summer

789. Morning jam biscuits 790. Songs about Yahweh 791. Leftover casserole 792. Banana pudding Mondays 793. Five hours & never feeling unwelcome 794. All the iFam photos taking over facebook because Ceena’s wedding 795. Timehop days when I just see God’s goodness in it all, year after year 796. Finishing books on Wednesdays 797. Conversations […]

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