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First of all, I should be asleep. Second of all, this all culminated with Samantha’s blog of the same title, which you should read. Gritty. That’s how the last two years have felt, especially with God. I’ve fought crowd anxiety (that has surfaced out of nowhere since returning from the Race) and the weirdest isolation […]

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12 Days of Love Letter Writing

In the last five or so years I have had the opportunity to be involved in one of the most incredible organizations: More Love Letters. This little movement was started by a dear friend, Hannah Brencher, and aims to write love letters: letters of encouragement for others. It could be an anonymous letter left on […]

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My past has occupied most of my brain space over the last month and, honestly, over the last twenty years. I can’t remember a time since 8 years old that I was not preoccupied by a mistake, a failure, an unfulfilled dream or desire. My greatest dream at that point was to be a cheerleader […]

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