I spent May of 2013 sleeping in a tent city just outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. My nearest “neighbor” was this precious friend, Amy. She’d read this book that talks about eucharisteo and had a heart change so deep that she’d had that very word tattooed to remind her to count.

The book she read was 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. She shared it with me and several other girls on our squad that month. We took turns reading, passing to the next as we’d read a chapter. There were days I’d come in from a day of working in the garden to find it laying next to my pillow inside my tent. I took notes, cramping my wrist from trying to get all the little nuggets down in my journal to reread later.

Amy bought me a small journal to keep count of those little eucharisteo moments – those little blessings – and that began my first ever 1000. That list is nestled among postcards and photographs in my just about falling apart leather journal from the Race. When I returned home, I kept on counting and counted right through the tough days of fall, winter, snow, and spring. I’ve compiled all of those in the link below and have started my 1000 Take Two.

Read the book. Take the joy dare.

The First 1000

1000 Take Two

Third 1000

1000 the 4th

Amy, Liz, Kristi, & I discussing one of the chapters while in Honduras.

Amy, Liz, Kristi, & I discussing one of the chapters while in Honduras.


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