Book Nine

I've read the Harry Potter series once before, but started rereading the series in 2017. This book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which is the sixth installment of the series, took me quite a bit longer this time than when I first read it.

Book Eight

The Enneagram comes and goes in popularity, but I've become such a huge fan. My dear friend, Hannah, brought it up to me several months ago and I read a dozen websites on the different types and layers until I was dizzy with information. Needless to say, I began the search for a good book companion to the Enneagram - to take it a step further - and stumbled on The Sacred Enneagram by Christopher L. Heuertz.

Book Seven

I've been listening to The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast for the better part of two years, probably because my friend Heather in Texas recommended it when I decided I should "get into podcasts." Obviously, when she began writing her introductory book, I put in my pre-ordered.