The World Race

Four months after graduating from Berry College in 2012 I embarked on the wildest journey of my life – The World Race. Created by Adventures in Missions, the Race is an 11 month mission trip to 11 different countries. Through incredible support from friends, family, and even a few folks I didn’t know, I raised over $20,000 for this trip, which included all travel and lodging costs, food, insurance, and gear. Our squad began with 58 people who traveled between countries with each other. Upon arrival, we would split into groups and partner with various different ministries already on the ground. I kept a blog during the trip that you can find here:

Below I’ve included more information on each country we visited, the ministry we partnered with, and what we did (including a few tourist adventures as well).


Zimbabwe was my first destination on The World Race. My team traveled with one other team to Mutare, Zimbabwe, where we partnered with a former racer and her husband in their community. We spent time at a care point where children were fed after school, several of whom were HIV positive. We held babies who … Continue reading Zimbabwe

South Africa

After leaving Zimbabwe in month 1, we traveled back to South Africa and spent several days in Pretoria where we attended Passion Pretoria, which was an incredible experience. For many of us, Passion 2012 was instrumental in our decision to pack what little we could into a backpack and embark on this wild ride. Our … Continue reading South Africa


Swaziland was one of my favorite months. My team and one other team spent the month in Nsoko, Swaziland, which is in the very far south corner of the country. If you’re unfamiliar, Swaziland is a country bordered entirely by South Africa and is still a monarchy. When we finally arrived at the team house … Continue reading Swaziland


China was one of the hardest months of my journey on the World Race. We left three months in Africa for December in China. We spent several days in Hong Kong while our visas cleared, then crossed the border into china via bus and train. When we arrived in China all of our credit cards, … Continue reading China

The Philippines

Everything is better in the Philippines — this is literally their motto and I believe it.


In India, several teams spent the month in and around Ongole in the province of Andhra Pradesh on the eastern coast of India. 15 people sharing a 3 bedroom apartment with monkeys in our stairwell.